In the first two quarters of this year, Nexity Network made significant progress on all directions. From now on, we will release quarterly reports to keep a transparent track of all trimestrial updates.

As we are moving towards deploying our solutions on mainnet, from August 1, we will publish monthly reports with customer spotlights & study cases, ecosystem updates, and more.

Content Outline

  1. Introduction and Value Proposition
  2. State of Development
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Tokenomics

1.1 Project Introduction

Nexity Network is building a blockchain-enabled, circular, more transparent, and productive world to rethink how everything is designed, created, used, and recycled, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and how we do business.

Nexity is creating the next economy to serve as a bridge for the companies and customers to enable transparently, responsible, and secure product/service flows. Our ecosystem is positioned to solve supply chain complexities, focusing on day-to-day operational activity from environmental damages, visibility gaps to trust between parties, and fragmented data exchange.

1.2 Value Propositions | B2B2C Ecosystem

While incentivizing supportive Kols, Resellers, and Ambassadors, we are naturally amplifying the benefits of a network effect required to enable circular business applications that are forming the nodes of our infrastructure - paving the way for Nexity to become the global standard in any supply chain activity and for all stakeholders from manufacturers, distributors to consumers and recyclers.

Manufacturers will no longer have to worry about how the product is performing after is leaving the factory because we are creating a digital twin of their products to capture data along each consumption step of their lifecycle, including real-time lifespan data and performance, environmental impact, stories, and events - everything to protect their brand and to create a never-before-seen connection with their customers and partners.

Retailers will no longer worry about old, web-based user experiences and low/no interaction between products and customers. We augment the entire buying process in a reactive, living system experience that virtually connects the customers with the products they love.

Customers will no longer have to manually research if a product is authentic if the brand is responsible, or even the processes behind arranging the atoms inside of the things they are looking for because of Nexity’s combo between digital twins and product tracking, authentication systems that offer a 360 holistic view of its story, journey, all players and actions that touched the product seamlessly generated on their mobile phones or desktops.

To create green and blue waves of energy caused by explosive connections between brands, products, and customers: we are generating trading cards in a one-of-a-kind NFT Marketplace to bring authenticity, sustainability, and digital life into one environment.

Not one truck, not one fleet - the entire logistic network - focusing on the same scope: being the vascular system of the supply chain and freeing up hard-to-manage warehouses. Nexity Network is committed to reducing the warehouse management system by introducing the principle of shared logistics in which consortium-joined brands are using each inch of their distribution platforms while reducing the carbon footprint powered by less transportation time and serving their customers better.

Nexity is loading the network’s neurotransmitters with carbon serotonin to power the greenest reward system, incentivizing responsible nodes for their sustainable choices on both production and consumption sides.

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2. State of Development

After intensive months of development, we have six products ready to hit the market on multiple verticals.

Interactive Development Roadmap

2.1 TradeFi | The next place for all your contracts, transactions, files, and more.

The problems with traditional solutions.

For many enterprises, the contract management process continues to be splintered among legal, procurement, finance, and sales teams.

Some companies are using AdobeSign, DocuSign, Juro. Others have homegrown systems. Some still use old-fashioned file cabinets and Excel spreadsheets.

In most cases, these standalone contract repositories are only accessible to certain individuals and groups, with significant differences from one system to the next.

This fragmentation results in poor performance analysis as well as contracts scattered throughout the enterprise, with disconnected workflows and inconsistent language and terms.

At times people can’t even find their own contracts, let alone those in another department. Tracking commitments and deadlines is a manual process, one that’s prone to human error. Rate increase clauses, automatic renewals, incentives and rebates, and other details are often overlooked.

At a minimum, poor contract administration can result in lost revenue, unnecessary cost, and unwanted renewals. At worst, they can cause noncompliance or breach of contract or order situations that may lead to fines or litigation.

The most important part of contracting and purchasing flows is not what the company knows about them—it’s what they don’t know that can cost them.

In a changing business environment, sourcing and procurement organizations must gain a holistic, data-driven view of their suppliers.

To gain a competitive advantage, they must find creative ways to manage risk and compliance and drive deeper collaboration with suppliers. As they strive to meet these objectives, sourcing organizations are typically hindered by inefficiencies such as:

  • Fragmented sourcing and contracting processes;
  • A low level of collaboration between internal and external stakeholders;
  • A lack of compliance and visibility;
  • Lengthy cycle times and increased costs;
  • Poor contract creation from sourcing events and suboptimal post-contract execution;
  • Weak supplier collaboration and communication;
  • High transaction fees and risks across the supply chain;

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2.1.1 Demo Time

Contract Creation Flow
Create, edit and approve contract in a digital workspace. Secure them on a blockchain database.

Negociation Room and Signature Flow
Collaborate securely with your partners in one unified environment. Share data with confidence and engrave your signature into a cryptographic hash. A new way to prove your identity and ownership history.

A holistic view of all purchse order stages. Dynamically tracked transactions and automated digital execution.

Powered by USDC and backed by NXT. A new crypto-banking infrastructure to reimagine processing payments.

2.2 Non-Fungible Things

Our solution is a hub for unprecedented levels of trust and transparency, with digital collectible cards and a decentralized approach to product pages that pushes the boundaries of what digital marketing channels can be for products.

We make delivering products cheaper for businesses by providing maximum visibility into every step of a product’s life cycle, including data from logistics and supply chain operations. 

Quality checks recorded on the blockchain lead to better manufacturing decisions that eliminate linear economic waste, like overproduction. 

We deploy APIs and digital twins that give organizations the means to shape and improve personalized, trustworthy consumer journeys with deep-rooted security and real-time end-user consent.

NFT Marketplace | Traceability | Digital Twins | Smart Labelling

2.2.1 Demo Time

The Marketplace

NFC Tags

Ownership Portal

3D NFT Collection


My Chronicle:

Digital Twins

2.3 Cityverse Hub | Magic, e-commerce experience in a VR environement

Custom Avatars

Personal Inventory Room

2.4 Farming and Staking Portals

3. Competition Analysis


Digital Twins, NFT, Traceabiliy


Crypto Competition

Year Founded: 2016
Market Cap: $1,553,318,386
Our Main Advantages: Circular Economy, NFTs, Metaverse, UI UX;

Year Founded: 2017
Market Cap: $703,873,182
Our Main Advantages: Contract Management, Circular Economy, NFC RFID, Product Authentication System, NFTs, Metaverse;

Morpheus Network
Year Founded: 2016
Market Cap: $18,602,118
Our Main Advantages: Contract Management, Circular Economy, NFC RFID, Product Authentication System, NFTs, Metaverse;

Boson Protocol
Year Founded: 2019
Market Cap: $17,070,859
Our Main Advantages: Supply Chain, Custom Environment (they are building in Decentraland

4. Marketing Strategy

5. Tokenomics

Ticker: NXT
Main Crypto Asset Sectors: Supply Chain, IoT, Collectibles & NFTs, Metaverse, DAO
Blockchain Networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain
Token Supply: 100,000,000
Project Valuation: $9,741,450
Initial Token Circulation: 3,490,000
Hardcap: $3,215,000
Initial Market Cap: $436,250 *Excluding DEX Liquidity
Total Public Raise: $475,000

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