“DAOs are permissionless organizations to join and require the purchase of the governance token to participate. This structure alone is self-selective of members with a proactive belief in the DAO’s founding purpose.” — Aragon

We’ve chosen to integrate Aragon’s infrastructure so we can create an environment for our stakeholders to vote on the future of Nexity’s strategic direction and provide a continuous loop of user feedback we can use to improve our organization in real-time.

Nexity’s stakeholders are now free to call votes on proposals whenever they are issued. If suggestions are tied to on-chain execution, then a successful vote will deterministically release funds to the proposed project or department. As a result, our operations are centered around what’s essential to our community.

With Aragon’s integrated voting portal, Nexity’s stakeholders are fully empowered to suggest, vote, and execute within our robust ecosystem.

Nexity’s long-term approach as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The problem

Social and environmental issues as a byproduct of unsustainable economic development patterns and chaotic governance models

Our solution

Circular-focused product development as a process for streamlining global trade interactions

We’re implementing a new method of lifecycle development that establishes deep-change strategies by reimagining prototypes of business operations to harness the power of circular economic sustainability.

Nexity Foundation

The governing body of our ecosystem has one primary focus

Our focus is on pushing the boundaries of Supply Chain Management by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of producing goods from raw materials and supplies. This requires a new type of joint operation and a constant flow of trustless and encrypted data within supply chains.

From the Supply Chain Governance perspective, the key idea for change is quickly and easily exchanging information to optimize value chains, which requires a direct engagement in the management of products up and down the supply chain.

Aligned incentives and performance indicators are a direct pathway to higher transparency, traceability, and productivity within global trade. In January, with the launching of Nexity Labs, we’ll kick things off by crystalizing our governance structure within the research body of our ecosystem.

With this, we’ll give businesses everywhere the means to deploy circular business models by linking supply networks, governance instruments, outcomes, and blockchain technology to sustainability initiatives that improve social and environmental measures.

Two-layer decision-making structure

Internal relations: Linked to department management

External relations: Linked to supply chain and blockchain business networks

The problem

Creating a symbiotic environment for internal and external governance systems to differentiate among actions central to supply chain visibility.

Powerful sustainability strategies start with governance mechanisms based on formalization and collaboration. These strategies come to life when leadership is decentralized and replaced with metrics like reputation scores, environmental impact scores, graded cooperation, and more.

In the end, Nexity’s goal is to give purpose-led organizations everything they need to enable

collaborative operations and high-speed value transfer for supply chain networks. Aragon encapsulates this vision in their piece, “DAOs as Purpose-Led Organizations:”

“By incorporating as a DAO, any purpose-led organization can be equipped with the tools to allow horizontal leadership to flourish, by economically incentivizing a shared initiative. This evokes the best that humanity has to offer: the innate desire to contribute to something larger than ourselves and beyond profit.”

Individuals who are voluntarily aligned with our mission to impact the quality of life and energy consumption around the globe are supported by a permissionless and cryptographically enforced distribution of empowerment, made possible by stakeholder voting processes engineered by Aragon.

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