We want to give a massive thank you to the 10,000 individuals that participated in our exclusive, one-of-one NFT giveaway — made possible through our partnership with KSM Starter.

We distributed 30% of our Enterprise NFT supply, worth a total of $13,000 plus $6,000 worth of tokens. We ran the giveaway from December 24th, 2021 to January 13, 2022, and the winners are as follows:

If you joined us for this epic community event, we feel honored to have brought you onto the ‘ground floor’ of our premium sub-Ecosystem experience to discover the unique aesthetic and utility of the Next Supply Force initiative. Our NFTs represent a borderless digital shopping environment with unrivaled security that pushes global commerce past its counterfeit-ridden hurdles. Nexity is creating a network that generates vast, unexplored visibility during product lifecycles, unlocking new value for after-sales service providers and end-consumers alike. Ultimately, we’re pushing the boundaries of what digital marketing channels can be for luxury goods by integrating the power of blockchain technology with circular economy paradigms.

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