You can use Green Points to redeem exclusive, one-of-a-kind NFTs only available to Nexity Green Point holders via our premium NFT Marketplace. Additionally, token holders receive exclusive rights in Nexity’s Ecosystem to Green Boxes — futuristic, must-have bundles that include things like sustainable products, real-world assets, experiences, and privileges within Nexity’s Cityverse Hub.

How do I get Green Points?

Green Points can only be earned by staking NXT tokens to the Farming Portal:

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet containing your NXT tokens to our website
  2. Click the “Farm” button

What wallets can I use for farming Green Points?

Metamask is the only wallet that you can use for farming.

How is the yield of Green Points calculated?

  • For each NXT token locked into the farming contract, you will earn 5000 Green Points per day
  • There are no fractional points
  • Staking yields are non-divisible and are stored on the farming contract in units of 5000
  • You must stake your NXT tokens for an entire 24-hour cycle to receive your Green Points*

*If you remove your NXT tokens halfway through a 24-hour cycle, you will receive 0 Green Points.

Do you have to deposit all of your NXT tokens at once?

No. You can choose how many NXT tokens you would like to deposit to earn Green Points.

Where are Green Points held?

Green Points are held in farming contracts and locked into the address you use to farm. You cannot withdraw Green Points to any other wallet. Points are non-transferable, have no monetary value, and cannot redeem ETH, MATIC, or NXT.

What is Nexity Network?

Nexity Network is building a blockchain-enabled, circular, more transparent, and productive world to rethink how everything is designed, created, used, and recycled, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear and how we do business.

Nexity is creating the next economy to serve as a bridge for the companies and customers to enable transparently, responsible, and secure product/service flows. Our ecosystem is positioned to solve supply chain complexities, focusing on day-to-day operational activity from environmental damages, visibility gaps to trust between parties, and fragmented data exchange.

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