We aim to eliminate manual processes and human errors in favor of a fast, transparent, and secure information flow for businesses everywhere.

Our contract management platform was designed with the awareness that time and money are being wasted daily by organizations that have yet to integrate enterprise blockchain applications into their company-wide agreement systems.

Contracts have vast operational influence because they can affect the experience and productivity of employees and customers alike. Therefore, we focused on providing automation and customization for every stage of the agreement process when developing our platform. The result is a competitive advantage for any business that utilizes our free library of ready-made templates.

How it works

  1. To register, you’ll need to provide some information about your business:
  • LoginID

A unique internal identifier (from 1 to 50 alphanumeric characters) for the enterprise user, for example, @nexityorg. This is the name the user enters when logging in to the decentralized application.

  • Name and Logo

The enterprise user’s full name, for example, Nexity Network. This is the name displayed in the user interface with its logo attached.

  • Email Address

The enterprise user’s business email address. Do not provide a personal email address. The user’s email address must contain a valid domain name, even in test environments.

  • Phone

The enterprise user’s telephone number, for example, 111–222–5555.

  • Default Currency

The enterprise user’s preferred currency for displaying monetary values, for example, USD. Your interface uses the default currency if the enterprise user’s preferred currency is not set.

  • TimeZone ID

The enterprise user’s time zone is designated with a standard abbreviation such as CET.

  • Preferred Locale

The enterprise user’s preferred locale, for example, en_US. When an enterprise user logs in, the preferred locale determines the formats of currencies, dates, and numbers. Enterprise users can change their preferred locale by modifying their user preferences.

2. To deploy a contract, choose a template from the Contract Library.

3. Click on “Deploy Contract” to auto-fill the template with your company’s information.

4. Adjust and review contractual terms until your agreement is completed.

5. Send a draft for review to the intended recipient.

6. Proceed with the deployment of your new contract on the blockchain.

Who is Nexity Contract Library for?

Nexity testing group company industries include automotive, construction, IT, healthcare, and crypto companies. A few of the agreement templates that will be available for easy adoption include accounting (tax), consulting, proposal, and invoice templates. We see notarizing ideas on the blockchain as an effortless path to blockchain transformation for businesses ready to scale.

With Nexity, operational efficiency becomes a core driver of both employee and customer satisfaction, because slow and inefficient manual processes are automated on-chain, freeing up your organization’s human capital to focus on the next level of innovation and growth for your business.

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